Real estate and Interior Design photography can be a very different Photo-Shoot and Editing workload. In conclusion I try to comprehend what style of images my client would like for their web whether it be modern, country style, Interior design, Holidays, Sales and adapt the light sources accordingly while I try to implement my ideas to improve their marketing strategy

Real Estate & Holiday rental Photography

The end game of Photographing for a Real Estate Agent is that the images may convey the attributes of a  property in such a manner that they will entice potential buyers to book a viewing. Therefore the images must tell a story about spaces and details of the qualities in the most attractive manner possible giving the dream of a new lasting Home that can be moulded to the clients lifestyle.

On the other hand with Holiday Rentals its a temporary escape to a beautiful set location with great weather, blue skies, fantastic activities in a ‘Clean & Cosy’ living space with all amenities.

For both the above in many cases the Photographer becomes a stylist & sets up tables, props, arranges pool areas, etc. and although slightly different stories they share many similarities.

Interior Design Photography

In this case the Photographer must have a close relationship with the Designer and his/her project considering they are the end client. Designers are Artists in their Styling so the Photographer generally acts more as a Photo Technician to portray the Designers work in their desired manner. The end products are adequately lit images of the Designers creation & use of space, materials, textures, etc.

Apart from this, as in the case of Product Photography,  the process would involve using a ‘Colour Calibration Card’ so the final images would be  correct in respect to the pallet created by the Designer .

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